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In front of you, the track is free. Behind, the engine roars.

The Lotus Driving Academy Links Lotus’ adrenaline-fueled track experiences and its hugely successful driver training to develop an unrivalled program of events that creates better drivers focusing on driving technique and consistency, not only speed.

Elevate driver safety, skill and enjoyment through a progressive, tiered program.


Experience why people are raving about our super lightweight Lotus Exige 360 Cup. Renowned for their brake-neck cornering ability, driving a Lotus you will feel what it’s like being close to the ground with the lightness in your hand and plenty of power. This iconic British sports car has a racing heritage in its DNA. The Lotus Exige 360 Cup has been engineered using cutting-edge racing design. Enjoy near perfect weight distribution and suspension handling characteristics that reward fast driving. The Lotus lives for the race track! Book a Lotus driving experience now!


The Lotus Driving Academy offers enthusiasts a unique opportunity to learn how to be a better daily driver. Any car enthusiast will revel in the chance to learn new skills in the most advanced Lotus on our MSR race track. We’ve very much kept the philosophy of the Academy with professional coaching and intensive training. The academy gives drivers advanced-skills exercises to perfect: heel and toe, power oversteer and navigate the extended cone slalom.

Customers will go away having learned much more about their driving, but also a good understanding of vehicle dynamics. That’s what makes us different from other experiences: you really are coming to the home of vehicle dynamics to learn from the masters.


Whoever said that business meetings are boring obviously hasn’t been to the Lotus Driving Academy. Our facilities combined with Lotus group driving experiences create an unprecedented environment for any event. Our team of Event Program Managers can help craft an experience for groups ranging from 5 to 30 people; making memories that your guests will remember for a life time.

Imagine your board members as giddy as school children after a round on the skidpad, or competing against your friends for the best Autocross me. Whether a client outing, employee reward, team building event, or just a fun weekend away with friends your experience will be permeated by an air of exhilaration and camaraderie.

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