The Ultimate Xperience

Make your next adventure an Xperience.

Live in the Fast Lane.

If you’re looking for an experience that will leave your legs shaking, your heart pumping, and your mind wondering when you can do it again, look no further than the Ultimate Xperience.  With (8) laps in a Lotus, drifting experience, and (3) karting sessions, this triple whammy of adrenaline boosters makes for one helluva time.

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Three thrills in one package.

The Real Racecar Experience.

Want to experience powerful speeds with surgical precision? Satisify your curiosity with eight laps in a Lotus.

This iconic British sports car has a racing heritage in its DNA. Engineered using cutting-edge racing design, enjoy near perfect weight distribution and suspension handling characteristics that reward fast driving. Renowned for their brake-neck cornering ability, a Lotus embodies the precision and power of a true racecar.

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Drift Like a Pro.

Looking to feel a little more alive? Drifting will do the trick.

Originating in 1970’s Japan and popularized by Hollywood blockbusters, drifting is the ultimate demonstration of how losing traction doesn’t necessarily mean losing control. Experience the slides, angles, clutches, and brakes that characterize this powerful technique. If you’ve ever wondered how stunt drivers make it out in one piece, now is your chance to see it through their eyes.

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Cool Down with Karting.

Need to chill out after a double-whammy of Lotus and drifting? Three sessions on our karting track will do the trick.

With up to 50 MPH speeds and fine-tuned steering capability, our karts are the cream of the crop when it comes to navigating the twists and turns on track.  This is one driver’s seat you won’t want to miss out sitting in, just for the fun factor alone.

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