MSR Houston‘s Race Shop offers a variety of services for its members and guests. Our race technicians are proficient in both street and race vehicles, and are not limited to cars. Previous experience includes: rotary engine builds, piston/engine modifications, transmission/differential rebuilds, basic fabrication and more.

Our services include:

  • Tire Mounting & Balancing
  • Track Day Safety Inspection
  • Suspension Setup & Conversion
  • Pre- & Post-Race Car Maintenance
  • Dyno Services
    • NASA Dyno Certification
    • Baseline Pulls


  • We offer dyno-tuning for the following stand-alone engine management systems:
    • KTuner – Honda/Acura
    • Electromotive – All systems
    • AEM – All systems
    • Haltech – All systems
    • MegaSquirt – All systems

Shop Rates:

  • $120hr (non-members)
  • $100hr (members)