An organization’s most important asset is its people.

According to the National Safety Council, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of workplace deaths in the U.S.  Additionally, for every worker killed in an on the job traffic crash, 10 will die in off the job traffic crashes.  With so much at stake, safety is serious business to us.

MSR Houston Safety Courses are derived from our very successful work training the Texas State Troopers and helping them achieve a very significant reduction in avoidable traffic crashes.  Our driving safety courses are centered on the concepts of vision, car control, and vehicular physics and are adapted to your organization’s specific needs.  Furthermore, all driving safety course activities are conducted in a low–speed, closed-environment on our skid pad. Clients have the option to either utilize our Mercedes-Benz C250s or their fleet vehicles for MSR Houston Safety Courses.

Fully equip your organization for everyday driving with MSR Houston’s Comprehensive Advanced Driving Safety Course.  With a full day to spend, this Comprehensive offering greatly reinforces the core concepts of driving safety (vision, vehicular physics, and car control) while adding additional driving modules to the Basic offering.  During the driving exercises, students will experience and learn the correct responses to understeer and oversteer, low traction environments, emergency braking situations, accident avoidance at speed, and reverse driving.

Sample Agenda

9:00 AM – Arrival, sign-in, and introduction
9:15 AM – Vehicle dynamics and safety classroom session
10:00 AM – Morning driving session

  1. Skid Pad Vision Exercise
  2. Autocross Car Control Exercises
    • Vehicular physics autocross
    • Distracted driving
    • Reverse/Spatial awareness

12:30 PM –  Lunch
1:30 PM – Afternoon driving session

  1. ABS Drills
    • a. Straight line breaking
    • b. Accident avoidance
  2. Lane Change Exercises
    • a. Low stress
    • b. High stress
  3. Closing

3:00 PM – Departure

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