Your safety is our main concern.

Full-faced helmets are required. Helmet & head sock rental come with the purchase of your first session. You may use your own full face helmet. You may purchase your own head sock for $2 to keep. All drivers must listen to safety briefing and follow all Karting Track Rules. Minimum age is a requirement. Driver must fit safely in the kart at the track official’s discretion. Clothing Requirements Closed-toe shoes Long hair must be secured Shorts okay, long pants are recommended.

  • Pit exit and entrance speed limit is 5mph.
  • Contact/Bumping will not be tolerated…you will be black flagged and forfeit your session.
  • 2 or 4 wheels off track, spin you must come in for a kart inspection then you may proceed.
  • Spinning is the result of going in to the corner with to much speed and/or not braking in a straight line.
  • Remember in corners “slow in and fast out”.
  • No passing unless you know that you can make a clean pass, we can’t emphasize enough that karting is a non-contact sport. There is no excuse for contact.
  • If you go off track it is your responsibility to find a smooth and safe entrance back on to the track, not doing so can result in frame damage of the kart.
  • If you have to slow down for any reason you should raise your arm to warn others, coast offline to the edge of the track and stay in your kart.
  • Both arms in air signal you need assistance.
  • If at any time during your session, your driving is considered to be reckless or overly aggressive you will be warned with a rolled black flag. At the discretion of a MSR track official.
  • Always enter and exit karts on opposite the motor and placing both feet in seat and sliding in avoiding all mechanical parts of kart and engine area.
    Stopping on track and standing starts are not permitted. All drivers will get a safety briefing before all karting activities on safety and regulations.
    Damage to your kart and/or equipment resulting in failure to follow all rules and regulations is your responsibility.
  • Flags
    • Yellow-Proceed with caution, no passing until past incident.
    • Checkered- End of your session, enter pits next time around.
    • Rolled Black- Warning
    • Waiving Black- Proceed to pits either for mechanical reasons or your driving is unacceptable.
  • Our karts use a foot brake pedal on left and foot throttle (gas) on right. There are no clutches. Use brake pedal and gas separately never at the same time.
  • Intentional bumping is not allowed and will be considered reckless. Any driving behavior that is perceived as dangerous to self, others, karts or the facility will result in forfeit of session with no refund on the session.
  • Women who are pregnant and anyone with physical limitations should consult with their physician before any go-karting activities. There are also risks involved for those with neck or back problems and heart related conditions.
  • Here at MSR Houston Karting, karting is real racing and not an amusement ride. All rules are designed for the safety and enjoyment of all participants. There are inherent risks to any motorsport activity and race karts are no exception.

Private Room

Let us host your next birthday, bachelor, or graduation party, corporate or team-building event. It is always a great time for a karting event with MSR Houston Karting.

Open to the Public

Monday – Wednesday: Private Events Only
Thursday: 12pm – 6pm
Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Karting Waivers

Minimum Age Requirement: 9+ years
Minimum Height Requirement: 57 Inches

Main waiver PDF
Minor waiver PDF