Experience the thrills of the track in a Mercedes AMG!

Try our adrenaline-fueled track experiences in a Mercedes AMG!

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The Mercedes AMG has been engineered using cutting-edge design. Enjoy near perfect weight distribution and suspension handling characteristics that reward fast driving. The Mercedes AMG lives for the race track!


Get to experience the power of a Mercedes AMG from both sets of seats. Our Drive and Ride package includes 3 laps of sitting back and watching an expert handle the wheel and 8 laps in the driver’s seat. Post session, not only will you have had the exclusive chance to drive a real racecar, but also a good understanding of vehicle dynamics.


Double down on your thrills with our karting/Mercedes AMG combo! If you think our Mercedes AMG is fast, you haven’t seen anything yet once your get your hands on one of our kart’s steering wheels. Our ‘Kart and Drive’ package includes a 3 lap drive in a Mercedes AMG and 3 karting sessions. Don’t miss out on this double whammy of adrenaline!

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