Drivers are eligible for an SCCA Full Competition License upon graduation. This allows drivers to immediately go racing with the SCCA anywhere across the country.

  • On day one, drivers focus on car-control skills.
  • On day two, drivers learn the challenging circuit.
  • On day three, drivers put it all together getting up to speed.

Cost of the class with:

Your Car
Spec Miata, Spec Racer Ford Gen2, or B-Spec
Spec Racer Ford Gen3 with H Pattern Manual Transmission
Spec Racer Ford Gen3 with Sequential Transmission

2024 Competition School Dates

2024 Competition Schools are open for registration on the following dates:


Can I bring my street car?
– We strongly recommend a caged racecar for this school. There will be door-to-door racing and passing exercises, and while contact is not encouraged, it does happen. You will be responsible for the damaged caused to your own vehicle.

If I rent a Spec Miata or Spec Racer Ford, what am I responsible for?
– You will be responsible for fuel and damages. You will also be required to sign a lease waiver for the outside companies who rent the vehicles.

How much track time will I get during this school?
– We spend much of the first day in the classroom and on our skid pad and autocross course. You will do one or two sessions on the track at the end of the day. Days two and three are spent mostly on the track. There will be short classroom sessions and breaks throughout each day.

What is the youngest age someone can participate?
– We can license students as young as 16. Special arrangements can be made for 14 & 15 year olds, but this process must be started before the school, so please contact Kurt prior to signing up.

I don’t know how to drive a manual transmission car. Is that a problem?
– All of our rentals are manual transmission. We strongly prefer you already know how to drive a manual before attending the class.

Are there real racing exercises during this school?
– Yes, you will be doing live passing and lapping drills. We will also have several practice starts and mock races. These modules will include veteran racers in addition to your fellow students.

How often do you offer this school?
– We have Competition License Schools once a quarter. If you the current date doesn’t work for your schedule, please contact Kurt and he will update you when the next school dates are set.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of students for this school?
– We require at least 4 students to hold this Competition License School. We typically have no more than 12 students in our classes.

Does weather affect this school?
– Just like SCCA Club Racing, we will drive rain or shine. Obviously we will take a break during extreme weather (lightening and torrential rain), but please plan accordingly based on the forecast. When looking at the weather forecast, be sure to look up Angleton, TX 77515. Our proximity to the coast makes our weather slightly different than Houston-proper.


  • Instructor Ride-Along
  • Instructor Demonstrations
  • In-Depth Track Orientation and Analysis
  • Track Walks, Open Lapping and Skidpad
  • Practice Race Starts and Passing drills
  • SCCA Accredited


  • Driver Input Effects on Vehicle Balance
  • Oversteer/Understeer Control
  • Braking/Trail braking
  • Driving Line/Cornering Process
  • Flagging and Communications


  • School with your own racecar: $2,350
  • School with a Spec Racer Ford Gen2, Spec Miata, or B-Spec: $4,450
  • School with a Spec Racer Ford Gen3 with H Pattern Manual Transmission: $4,800
  • School with a Spec Racer Ford Gen3 with Sequential Transmission: $5,100