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Want a little excitement in your corporate incentive event?

MSR Houston is uniquely equipped to host your corporate event at our 400-acre facility 35 minutes south of Houston, Texas. Whether your corporate event involves motivating and rewarding sales staff, building morale and communication amongst co-workers, the holding of an internal meeting at our facility, or the planning and execution of strategic direction at the corporate leadership level, MSR Houston can create the perfect customized incentive event to fit your company’s needs.

We will create a productive event for you that will leave a lasting impression setting your team apart from the competition. We strive to provide an experience in an environment suited for quality communication that speaks to the competitive spirit in everyone.

We have deep experience hosting events for top organizations. American Express, Cadillac, Chevron, The Dow Chemical Company, Hess, Houston Dynamo, Jaguar, Mac Haik Automotive Group, Mammoet, Red Bull, Shell, and ZT Wealth are among the organizations that have held events at MSR Houston.

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Call Kurt @ 832.472.3510
MSR Houston Karting Events are the perfect way for your organization to engage in friendly wheel to wheel competition. Whether your organization is searching for an internal team-building event or a client focused event, karting provides your organization with a very budget friendly vehicle to engage large groups. Depending on need, Karting Events with our high performance karts, capable of speeds reaching 45 mph, can be designed to last anywhere from an hour to all day.

Additionally, the intensity of the event is flexible as well. Some clients choose low-key lapping events while others prefer structured events built around collaboration and competition.

Introduce your clients or colleagues to a world that many have observed, but few have the opportunity to participate. A majority of people in our society drive every day, but only a minority ever has the chance to drive performance vehicles on a professional road course. Use our Performance Courses to reward your team or deliver a truly unique client relation experience.

MSR Houston Performance Courses are designed and structured to safely deliver the excitement and challenge of high performance road course driving to drivers with varying skill levels. All driving activities are instructor-supervised and utilize either Mercedes-Benz C250s or Spec Racer Fords.

An organization’s most important asset is its people. According to the National Safety Council, motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of workplace deaths in the U.S. Additionally, for every worker killed in an on the job traffic crash, 10 will die in off the job traffic crashes. With so much at stake, safety is serious business to us.

Our courses are derived from our very successful work training the Texas State Troopers and helping them achieve a very significant reduction in avoidable traffic crashes. Our driving safety courses are centered on the concepts of vision, car control, and vehicular physics and are adapted to your organization’s specific needs. Furthermore, all driving safety course activities are conducted in a low–speed, closed-environment on our skid pad.

“The facilities at MSR Houston proved to be the correct ‘vehicle’ to deliver the message we wanted to give our distributors. More important than what we thought of the outing is the feedback we have been receiving from our guests. In their words: ‘hands down the most memorable distributor meeting we have ever attended!”

– Ed Catalano, Marketing Manager for EagleBurgmann

“All of our customers had great things to say about the facility and their experience in the cars. A big part of giving our people the right experience, is providing the right atmosphere in which to host it. MSR Houston did just that.”

-Jon DiVaio, Dealer Events Specialist for Bentley Motors Inc.

MSR Houston provided a fantastic program to help our team be safer drivers on the road and faster drivers on the track. The quality of instruction was top-notch!

-Matt Travis, EnerTax Consultants