It’s bound to be a cold one.

Winter is almost here…

…and with it, comes the coolest competition of the year. In our annual Winter Challenge, witness Spec Miatas, Spec Racer Fords, and BSpec Enduro’s go neck to neck in staking their claim on the track.

Trophies will be awarded to the top three in all classes at the end of each day, but stayed tuned for what we have saved up for the series end…!

Entry Fees

SM/SRF Member Fee (Per Day)
SM/SRF Non-Member Fee (Per Day)
BSpec Enduro (Per Day)

Race Schedule

Practice Qualifier that may or may not be reverse grid (just to keep you on your toes!) Track opens at noon for testing, with qualifiers starting at 1 PM.


For Spec Miatas and Spec Racer Fords, there will be (2) 20-minute races – one race will be CW, the other will be CCW.  Spec Miatas and Spec Racer Fords will not be running together. They will have their own CW and CCW race each weekend. SM/SRF races will be from 2:30 PM to 4 PM. BSpec Enduro racing will begin running at 4:30 PM.