MSR Houston hosted Formula Lites the weekend of September 18th – 20th, 2015. The double header event represented the last two races of its inaugural 2015 Championship Season schedule. José Armida, proudly sponsored by MSR Houston, claimed his first-ever Formula Lites pole ahead of Group-A Racing teammate Jackie Ding.

Vinicius Papareli from JDX racing won the first race of the weekend, followed by José Armida and Jackie Ding. Race 2 witnessed a great battle between Papareli and Armida, but José was able to come out on top on the very last race at his home track.

After the races, Formula Lites hosted their series closing gala in Houston, TX, where Vini Papareli and his team JDX Racing were awarded as the series champions with the Justin Wilson Champions Trophy. José Armida was awarded with the second place of the championship, ahead of teammate Jackie Ding.

The formation of the Formula Lites series and the debut of the Crawford Formula Lites (FL15) chassis is a collaboration between Dennis McCormack, a 43-year motorsports veteran, Ryan Arciero, a SCORE Baja Champion driver, and Max Crawford of Crawford Composites, LLC, the designer and manufacturer of the carbon composite Formula Lites vehicle.

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